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Determination to bring my family home after travelling and living away from my hometown Derry for 18 years is where the seeds of The Olive Tree Gift Boutique stem from. I knew that teaching posts were very thin on the ground and I also knew that one of the things I would miss most (should we relocate) would be the gorgeous boutiques that I loved to browse in, the solution was in the problem, create my own unique boutique and live the dream.

Choosing the right name for my gift boutique was very important to me. I took into consideration the obvious such as the choice of words, pronounciation of words, did they roll of the tongue and were they catchy? However, what was more important to me (being a teacher) with a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Education was the images the words might conjure up. …

My boutique from the outset was going to be unique, represent my journey in life so far and my love for detail and simplicity in all things beautiful. My passion for earthy colour schemes has followed me around for most of my life and no matter how frequently Iā€™ ve attempted to try a different colour I always find myself rummaging the olive greens and the khakis. Olive green is the last word for me, it is the colour of the beautiful island that I was born in, the colour of the compassionate universe that has supported me throughout my life and the Tuscany vineyard where I visualise myself in the future. Olive oil is considered in the Mediterranean to be the secret to good health. The Olive Tree is 60,000 years old and has undoubtedly stood the test of time. There it was unique, dignified, healing, versatile and green.

Although I’ve been inspired along my way by numerous beautiful brands, stores and boutiques that I’ve stumbled upon. The Olive Tree is my collection and interpretation of beautiful things, my unique stamp of individualism and creativity, quirky with quality and a sense of artfulness ā€“ therefore everything in the boutique must speak to me. My core values are about being positive, sticking with the winners, embrace the moment, avoid spending life looking for a beautiful place and create a beautiful place.

Enjoy my site and always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Warm Regards

Catriona x